I specialise in individual coaching and particularly in confidence, career and leadership coaching. My clients come to me to improve areas of their lives and remove the barriers that are holding them back, to increase their personal effectiveness, happiness and success.

I offer consultancy services including coaching and bespoke training events around leadership development, work engagement and satisfaction, effective communication and maximising the benefits of multicultural teams.

If you’d like to discuss how I may be able to benefit you and/or your company, email me and we’ll find a good time to speak. 
All coaching and consultancy services are offered in native English and Swedish, across the UK and Sweden.


+44(0)7720 839773

+46(0)72 937 5347

“Like anyone at the top of their game, Charlotta makes it look effortless. I have worked closely with Charlotta over several months. Her coaching style is challenging but supportive. Working collaboratively with Charlotta has allowed me to overcome barriers and, as a direct result, I have been able to achieve the success that I deserve.”

Alister Bould, London

“In both group workshops and coaching sessions, I’ve found that Charlotta helps those she works with to find practical, achievable ways to be the best version of themselves possible. She has fantastic, natural communication skills and empathy and takes a genuine, deep interest in people. She challenges preconceptions and helps people to analyse situations clearly.  I recommend her highly.”

Megan Jenkins, Law Firm

“Since the life coaching I am less fearful of the future as I now know that I am in control of my own happiness and that I am worthy of  whatever I want to do or achieve. I now trust and believe in myself more.”

Emma Cowell, Astuto Design

“In the very first session I had a ‘Eureka’ moment. Charlotta’s coaching showed me how to see past all the problems and excuses that had been holding me back. I now know that I alone have the power to achieve my goals – and I will.”

Lloyd, Entrepreneur

“Charlotta is an excellent speaker, presenter and motivator – she has a natural gift and will charge the lives of every person she speaks to.”

Melanie Tadhunter, Founder of Life and Seek

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