1. holiday at the beachRemember to re-tell is to re-live. If you don’t enjoy re-living the past, liberate yourself by changing the stories you tell, to yourself and others. Feel the stress and frustrations reduce.
  1. We respond on auto-pilot most of the time. If you find your responses aren’t helpful, deliberately stop and think before acting.


  1. What we focus on we get more of. Where do you place your beam of attention? It’s your choice so place it wisely.
  1. Declutter your mind. Write stuff down to gain perspective and clarity.
  1. Be mindful of your self talk – who are the main actors on your mind’s stage? You chose who they are so make it positive and kind characters.
  1. Be careful of perfections. There’s rarely a perfect time, response or person so accept the imperfect. Including yourself.
  1. Be aware of who’s important to you and bring you joy. Focus on them rather than on people you don’t care much about anyway.
  1. Be grateful –it’s scientifically proven to increase happiness. Look for things every day that you are lucky to have, know or experience.
  1. Don’t place others on pedestals. It forces feelings of inferiority and are usually based on untrue perceptions of perfection.
  1. Schedule in time for you. Prioritising everyone else all the time, not only hurts you, but will have detrimental effects on them too.
10 Ways to Reduce Stress & Enjoy Life More