hugWith the scientific evidence to prove it….

  1. Hug more! It can prolong your life! When we hug we release the hormone oxytocin in our bodies, which reduces stress ad makes us happier.
  1. Smile more! When someone smiles at you it’s very hard not to smile back. And your smile is not only contagious to those around you but also to yourself. When you’re smiling you activate the zygomatic muscle in your cheek, which signals to your brain that you’re happy. Which in turn encourages you to smile even more! Smiling also makes us perceived as more attractive and can be detected 90 meters away so get smiling!
  1. Be kind! When you’re kind to others, you’re also kind to yourself. Because kindness makes you happy! Scientist believe this is due to the hormone dopamine being released in our brains which makes us feel better. To increase the incentive further, our kindness to others is contagious, so they are more likely to be kind back (and the opposite is equally true of course!).

The great thing about these steps is that not only are they completely free of charge, they are entirely within your control to have more of. So go on, hug, smile and be kind – properly and deliberately every day!

3 Simple Steps to Happiness!