I’ve loved running be me life coaching ever since I started my practice in January 2007 and was thrilled to win Life Coach of the Year in March 2013. In February 2017 my first book What’s Your Excuse for Not Being More Confident? was published under WYE Publishing.

I specialise in confidence, career, and leadership coaching. Each coaching programme is tailored to the individual and I help people identify and remove barriers and find the focus to achieve their goals and become the very best that they can, and deserve to be.

My consultancy services offer individual coaching as well as bespoke courses in leadership development, team building, effective communication, multicultural teams, stress management and work engagement and satisfaction.

My professional background is within the field of Human Resources, I am a Member of the CIPD and I am accredited with the ICF recognised Coaching Academy.

I’m based in London and Gothenburg and my clients are based across the UK and Sweden.

Click here to email me directly: charlotta@bemelifecoaching.com

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Tel: 07720 839 773 or 020 8367 4400 – Email: charlotta@bemelifecoaching.com