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I’ve loved running be me life coaching ever since I started my practice in January 2007 and was thrilled to win Life Coach of the Year in March 2013.

››I’ve coached a vast variety of people in many different fields and I particularly specialise in confidence coaching, direction coaching and entrepreneur coaching. Each coaching programme is tailored to the individual and I help people identify and remove barriers and find the focus to achieve their goals and become the very best that they can, and deserve to be.

I am an experienced and accredited Life Coach with a professional Life Coaching Practitioner qualification and a Diploma in Corporate & Executive Coaching. I have a BSc (hons) in Psychology & Computing, an MA in Human Resources Management and I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

My professional background is within the field of Human Resources and in this line of work I have 9 years experience of using my coaching skills to develop and grow managers and staff, as well as the relationships between colleagues. From this line of work, I have also got extensive experience of designing and delivering training programmes.

Since setting up Be Me Life Coaching, I have delivered a variety of talks, workshops, lectures and training sessions to various audiences including conferences, exhibitions, entrepreneur groups, business networking groups and women support groups. I’m an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and accessible speaker who have a genuine interest and passion for my profession. I tailor my talks to the specific audience and cover fascinating subjects under the umbrella of ‘think your way to success‘. My materials include a balanced blend of sound theory, real life examples and techniques that people can apply to themselves and their own lives.

I’m based in Enfield in North London and Gothenburg in Sweden and my clients are based across the UK, Sweden and other countries.

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The Principles that my life coaching is based on are:

  • a confidence in people’s capacity to grow and take control of their lives
  • a partnership based on mutual trust, honesty and respect between client and coach
  • a commitment by the coach to be supportive and encouraging whilst holding the client accountable in a confidential environment based on empathy
  • a wish by the client to grow and improve their future in a positive, pro-active and forward thinking way
  • a readiness by the client to take ownership of their development and to work through challenging issues towards greater achievements and improved self esteem

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