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January and February are behind us and hopefully many of you are on track to achieving the things you put your mind to at the start of 2014.

The chances are that some of you aren’t. The chances are also that some of you didn’t even start the year with new ambitions or positive plans.

If you’re able to ride along with the positive New Year wave and allow it to energise your planning, and dreaming, of new, greater things, January and February can be a lovely time of year.

The problem is when you lose the momentum. When the same positive wave disappears somewhere in the far distance ahead of you whilst you are left behind treading water.

Or the problem is that you never got on the wave in the first place. You’re stuck inland, never mind on shore! You simply don’t know what you want, just that things aren’t enough as they are.

If you find yourself lost at sea or marooned inland, the beginning of the year can be a challenging time.

All you hear about is new beginnings, achieving goals and making it the best year ever.

So, it’s a pretty uncomfortable or even painful reminder of what you haven’t yet achieved or experienced, the goals that still seem impossible to reach or the reminder that you just don’t know what to strive for to enjoy life more.

Recognise this? Fed up with feeling this way? Then read on to ensure you’ll achieve your dreams on your terms!

Pick the Right Time for YOU

What’s really important here is to remember that the ‘New Year, New You’ concept is completely human made. We’ve been brainwashed to think of it in terms of ‘now or never’ (or at least until next January, a whole year away!).

This really isn’t the only way to perceive reality.

Maybe the beginning of the year is terrible timing for you. Then consider what would be a better time.

If you feel more energised or motivated when the sun is shining, around a certain anniversary, when a big deadline has passed or after a big upcoming event, use that as the trigger for your planning, dreaming, goal setting, identifying what you’d love with a plan on how you’ll get it.

Don’t wait for the perfect time

Following on from the previous point, this one is vital.

Because the perfect time simply doesn’t exist. Be honest with yourself. Is the benefit of putting something off greater than that of achieving your goal? If the answer is yet, it’s your prerogative to put it off. But don’t then be surprised if you’re not enjoying the things you desire. The new job, healthier life style, loving relationship, more fun, more energy, a greater peace of mind….

So whilst you should pick the right time for you, don’t wait for the perfect one!

Notice what you have

Many people only or mainly notice what they feel is missing about themselves or across their lives. By focusing on what’s missing, you’re absolutely missing lots of what’s good and already there. I often ask, what’s the point of working hard, being social, living healthily, being a good parent, partner, child, friend and so on, if all you notice is the one thing you didn’t get round to or didn’t do 100% right? How come that one thing is worthy of all the attention over all the stuff you did get right? Shift your focus of attention to what you have, what you’ve achieved and what you enjoy and more will follow. Stay focused on what you don’t have, what you failed at or what you dislike, and that’s what you’ll get. Your choice!

Don’t compare

Your strengths, your successes, the lovely things and people in your life are no less because someone else has more. Someone else always has more. That’s pretty much a given. So the fact that your neighbour, friend, sibling earns more, is thinner, has more friends or more clients doesn’t reduce the value of your achievements. The autopilot response is often to think our good stuff isn’t that good when we notice that someone else has more. Yet, I’m sure you admire many people who aren’t world champions. Because being the best is irrelevant to being worthy of pride or admiration.

Don’t be a victim

We can all think of times when we did our best and things still didn’t go to plan. We can all think of situations when circumstances or other people made our lives harder. This is not unique to any of us. Yet, it can be easy to fall into the trap of using these people or circumstances as an excuse for why we don’t get our act together and get on with whatever we know we need and want to achieve. Who’s in control of your life then? That other person or circumstance! So take the control back, and see how you can improve things. Where could you take more responsibility. Don’t wait for others to.

I hope the above will help you halt any challenges experienced so far and make sure the rest of 2014 is more comfortable, successful, healthy and happy! Or whatever you want it to be. It’s on your terms!

Achieve Your Dreams on Your Terms

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