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“Despite the economic downturn, thanks to the coaching I have had increasing successes in my career and studies over the last year.”

TW, Senior Project Manager

Life coaching is a personal development process that helps people identify exactly what they want and then gives them the tools to get it. It is a guide that orders your thoughts and helps express your dreams, and it empowers you to find the focus and clarity of thoughts, through proven scientific techniques that improve your confidence and energy to “go for it”. This can involve any area of your life that you would like to change or improve, such as your career, confidence, relationship, health or peace of mind.

Though I work with clients on any number of things, I particularly specialise in confidence and direction coaching as well as working with entrepreneurs, and people tend to fall into one of two categories when they first approach me; they either know exactly what they want but have no idea how to get there or they have no idea what they want but do know they don’t want the status quo. Either way, life coaching is very effective in enabling people to break free from the barriers that are currently getting in their way. My coaching is a solution-focused, pro-active approach that empowers and assists people in making lasting changes in their lives.


Get More From Life

bullettWith a coach you set goals that really inspire you and help you achieve what you truly want.

bullettA coach helps you remove the barriers that are getting in the way, such as fears and insecurities. This allows you to see what you want and gives you the courage to go and get it.

bullettA coach expects you to invest in the quality of your life and gives you the tools to succeed.

bullettThrough increased self worth and confidence, you develop an acceptance and happiness with yourself.

bullettThrough coaching you’ll realise you can really influence your own state of mind and remain positive and optimistic in ways you did not use to think was possible.

Better Decision Making

bullettA coach is only interested in you and your successes and does not have his/her own agenda. This allows you to find the answers without the influence of someone else’s interests.

bullettWhen you discuss your thoughts, ideas and concerns with an independent and non-judgemental coach in complete confidence and safety, you find your answers easier and make better decisions.

bullettIdentifying and removing fears and insecurities enables you to make sound decisions and removes the tendency to make excuses that hold you back.

bullettA coach can point out the danger areas you cannot see.

Personal Development

bullettYou are very likely to find that a coach will significantly increase the rate of your development and growth.

bullettA coach can help you identify what is holding you back and work with you to overcome these barriers.

bullettThe coaching gives you momentum and motivation, resulting in new opportunities and helps you to experience change easier.

Partner to bounce things off

bullettPeople that are close to you are link to you in terms of happiness, financial security and so on, which makes it impossible for them to objectively act as sounding boards. A coach is able to offer a truly objective and non-judgemental professional partnership.

bullettWhen you are a business owner or company director, it can feel quite ‘lonely’ and you may find it beneficial to share your successes as well as your challenges with an independent coach.

bullettWith a coach you have a partner who will not judge or criticize you.

Develop a healthier way of life

bullettThe changes in your behaviour and thought processes that you develop through coaching will become habitual and easy over time.

bullettYou will naturally look after yourself better as your self esteem is strengthened.

bullettYou will get more comfortable investing in yourself, your physical and psychological wellbeing and as such develop a much better quality of life.

Finding focus and direction

bullett Through coaching, you will develop more confidence and know more about where you are, where you are going and where you want to get to, as well as how to get there.

bullettThe self-investment you make in yourself through coaching, and the efforts that you put in, will naturally lead to a clearer mind and greater self-belief.

bullettYou will have a clear sense that your desired future is not only possible, but it is feasible and perhaps even likely and predictable

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