I work with coaches, both ones who are at and pre start up phase of their practices and more established coaches, and refer to this work as coach mentoring and supervision.

There are recognised benefits to coaches having their own, independent coach. Firstly, it does add a level of credibility as we should arguably follow our own advice, and ‘walk the talk’. Secondly, it can really make a difference to the effectiveness, success and ultimate enjoyment experienced by the coach receiving this external support. The supervision ensures quality control, coach integrity as well as personal growth for the coach and his/her practice.

Coach mentoring typically combines the traditional coaching practices that any client benefits from with mentoring and/or supervision. Mentoring refers to guidance and sharing expertise and experiences to escalate the growth or continued success of the client coach’s practice. Supervision usually forms part of this also, whereby coaches bring experiences for a debrief, with the view to learn and grow as coaches.

Examples of matters focused on and addressed in mentoring sessions include identification of client niche(s), developing coaching confidence, reviews of pricing structure, practice growth and marketing plans, website reviews, evaluation of  and preparation for pitches and public events or talks. We also address barriers to success such as limiting beliefs, fears and other insecurities.

During coach supervision, I act as a sounding board when the client coach has come across challenges such as their own clients not progressing and appearing ‘stuck’, clients crying/being upset in sessions, clients expressing dissatisfaction with the coaching and so on. This offers them the opportunity to explore how they can help their own clients overcome these obstacles and also how to manage their own feelings and responses to what they are exposed to.

The focus of this work is flexible and always agreed in collaboration with the coach to ensure they get the most out of the personal development and support structure.

If you’re ready to take yourself and your coaching practice to the next level, get in touch and I’d happily arrange a good time to discuss what support would benefit you.

Here’s what some coach mentoring clients said about our work together|:

“Starting my own business was a lonely road and feeling that I was losing my way a bit, finding Charlotta was like being given a map. She has helped me find my path. Sometimes, when I have that Aha Moment, it feels like magic, but actually it is that Charlotta is an exceptionally good coach.” S Bridger, Warrington

“I was at a crossroads in my career and looking for a job that would better suit my strengths and interests but had no idea where to start. Through my sessions with Charlotta, I gained clarity and focus on where I wanted to be, and a road map of how to get there. Charlotta was challenging but supportive and great fun to work with. I have since retrained as a coach myself and set up my own coaching business and am now enjoying helping other professionals with their career challenges.” Anita Butt, Executive & Career Development Coach

“Charlotta is an excellent, perceptive, insightful and professional coach. She has been pivotal in coaching me through a career change and continues to provide support around growing my own new business venture. Charlotta really holds me accountable to my actions and challenges appropriately so I am able to get to the core of any issue. I come away from our sessions feeling inspired, motivated and committed to move forward positively. I have found her coaching invaluable at this stage in starting up my own business and going through a process of change. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for life or business coaching.” Lyndy Stanwell Marsh, Health Coach