The challenges faced before and during a job hunt are different and personal but can include an uncertainty of how to best fit skills to jobs, how to interview successfully, how to move from one sector or type of role to another, how to embrace the uncertainty of changing organisations or simply how to kick procrastination out of the way.

Career coaching effectively helps you prioritise what actions to take, make the right decisions around your career choices and confidently go out there and land your dream job without delay or frustrations.

Here’s how some previous career coaching clients’ experiences:

“Like anyone at the top of their game, Charlotta makes it look effortless. I have worked closely with Charlotta over several months. Her coaching style is challenging but supportive. Working collaboratively with Charlotta has allowed me to overcome barriers and, as a direct result, I have been able to achieve the success that I deserve.” Alister Bould,¬†London

“I was at a crossroads in my career and looking for a job that would better suit my strengths and interests but had no idea where to start. Through my sessions with Charlotta, I gained clarity and focus on where I wanted to be, and a road map of how to get there. Charlotta was challenging but supportive and great fun to work with. I have since retrained as a coach myself and set up my own coaching business and am now enjoying helping other professionals with their career challenges.” Anita Butt, Executive & Career Development Coach

“I contacted Charlotta after 12 months of job hunting and not finding the right role for me. From our first conversation she suggested a new approach and a CV re-write which she then reviewed. We then put an action plan in place to achieve my goal of getting the job I really wanted. I am delighted to say I start that job next week, after only 5 sessions with Charlotta I have not only been¬†selected for interview, attended interview confidently and been offered the job, but also prior to starting have had a session to prepare myself for my new role. With Charlotta’s expert help and support I am feeling well prepared and excited to take on a new challenge. I can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend her service to anyone that needs career advice, help with identifying what you really want to do and then the suppport to get you there.” Emma Mann, Enfield

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