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Courage, a relatively small word with the power to move the world. It’s an intoxicating feeling mixed with a sprinkle of fear but overpowered by sheer excitement and exhilaration. It’s the feeling of freedom. However, life has this uncanny habit of turning the tables on us, creating these crossroads or just beating us down with such a force that sometimes only the survivor’s surface. We can remain stuck and some can easily justify the reasons why it has turned out this way. In doing so we accept our ‘lot’ and give up the notion for anything much greater. We wade through life never really seeing who we are.

It’s heartbreaking to see people give in and give up when the weight of the world weighs them down. When they let fear take up temporary/permanent resident in their heart. They can become cynical and recoil from their true feelings. Often showing disdain when they see others ‘reaching for the stars’. But all can be made right. Self reflection and being authentic to your deepest longings can be a life long journey. And the beginning of any journey starts with self love. To forgive, love and accept yourself as you are. Yes, as you are, a truly divine creation with sometimes a mountain of flaws, yet a miracle on this earth.

So here’s my guide to build on, create or rescue your courage and get it fired up again:

5 top ways to activate courage in your life

  1. Speak up. Even if your voice shakes, even if no one is listening, even if you are unsure if your knees will hold you. Speak up. It may be terrifying at first but then you will notice that each time you speak up your voice will become stronger and stronger.
  2. Listen to your critics. As hard as this is, listen. You don’t have to agree, but listen to learn and grow. We live in a world where the fear of rejection can dominate and what others think can sometimes break us. It’s still feedback. Discard anything that‘s not going to move you forward. It’s not personal but it can be useful.
  3. LEAP. Create your plan and go for it. Thank your comfort zone but commit to stepping out. Leap into –a new job, new relationship, new home, write a book, record a song, raise money for a charity etc. Give your heart what it longs for. I promise you will grow wings when you leap!
  4. Face Fear. Face it head on. Cry, weep, sob if you have to, but in the end, it’s still there, waiting. So face it. When you do, it will lose its power over you and you will become so much more than you can imagine.
  5. Find courage by helping others find their courage. The best way to learn and reinforce new learning is to teach it. As you begin to grow your courage you seek out opportunities to help others find their voice and grow their own courage. There is nothing as beautiful as bearing witness to the blossoming of one’s soul.

Life rewards courage. Life rewards growth. Remaining stagnant benefits no one. When you find or rediscover the courage you seek your heart will sing! You will find yourself discovering joy in unexpected places and in small routine tasks. You will see life with new eyes. Taste life with a new tongue. Hear life through a different voice. But most of all, you will see life as you are, and you are a beautiful, courageous, magnificent soul on an incredible journey.

Kiechelle Degale, The Confidence Strategist

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Courage – guest blog by Kiechelle Degale

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