A big part of my practice is about working with professionals who either run their own business or have an aspiration to do so. There is a large demand for coaching within this niche due to the very nature of the demands and pressures involved in running your own enterprise. Especially in the current economic climate, being a business owner can be pretty lonely and challenging.


The coaching offers the support and mirror that allows you to remain focused and to reflect on your own thoughts to find the answers to the challenges you face.


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“I’ve really found the coaching sessions useful and they have cleared my head a fair bit which ultimately is leading to new opportunities.

The sessions have been worth every penny!”

Jonathan, Entrepreneur


“Charlotta is an excellent, perceptive, insightful, professional coach. She has been pivotal in coaching me through a career change and continues to provide support around growing my own new business venture. Charlotta really holds me accountable to my actions and challenges appropriately so I am able to get to the core of any issue. I come away from our sessions feeling inspired, motivated and committed to move forward positively. I have found her coaching invaluable at this stage in starting up my own business and going through change. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for life or business coaching.”


Lyndy Stanway Marsh, Small Business Owner


Running your own business can be very demanding at many different levels. You’re often responsible for all aspects of the business – from producing and posting correspondence, to developing your marketing strategy, to sorting out the printer, to writing your website, to paying the bills, to… And that’s all before you’ve actually spent time earning any money doing whatever your profession is.


If you’re a sole trader the onus on you to complete all tasks yourself is likely to be particularly pertinent, and if you have employees that you can delegate to this is likely to add to the workload as staff can often be essential to a business but also the most expensive and time consuming part of management.


If you’re thinking about setting up your own business or in the process of setting one up, a coach can make a huge difference to the speed and success of the final outcome. Equally, if you’re growing an existing business to a different level or you’re starting a second or third enterprise, a coach can aid the process, ensuring that it’s quicker as well as smoother and more comfortable.


One of the main problems for most entrepreneurs and small to medium size enterprise (SME) owners is the fact that it can be very lonely at the top. I call this corporate loneliness. A very real situation for many business owners. Who do you share your concerns, uncertainties and aspirations with? If you let the staff know, this is likely to cause upset and unsettlement which may affect productivity, increase turn over and reduce morale – all significant issues which you can’t afford. If you discuss such issues with significant people in your life, such as a partner or parent, this could often be equally unacceptable. To some extent your success and happiness (as well as failures and unhappiness) are linked to theirs. If you struggle financially, they’re likely to and if you’re in a bad place emotionally they’d worry about you and so on.


Another major issue for business owners is that of accountability and motivation. After all, who manages the boss? This has been found to be the main reason for failure of SMEs.


As an Entrepreneur Coach, I act as your partner who is 100% committed to your success but without my own agenda. Other people in your life may be very committed to you and your business, however they can’t be totally objective and merely have you and your interest in mind. Again, this is because they are linked to you, emotionally, financially or a combination of both. As your coach, I would not only help you prioritise and order the various demands placed upon you, but would also hold you accountable to ensure you follow through with the commitments you make to yourself and your business. Through helping you reflect and view things from different perspectives, I would also help you gain the insights and realise if you are not progressing something as fast or well as you could or if you’re, unwittingly or otherwise, avoiding something important all together, as well as help you see pit falls you might otherwise miss.


Many clients work on issues both inside and outside the work environment as it’s about you as a person achieving the very best in your life, and we can’t separate who we are outside of work to who we are within. Having said that, it’s all about what areas you’d like to improve or change and the coaching programme is always tailored to the individual.


“I have been transformed in the last 3 months and the improvements have been not only in my relationship with my partner but also in my confidence to go for my new business venture. If anyone is in need of some direction emotionally or physically I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Charlotta.”

Kate, business owner


In summary, Entrepreneur Coaching can help with:

  • Corporate Loneliness
  • Address issues of ‘who manages the boss’
  • Prioritisation
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Objectivity – having a partner without an agenda
  • Gain different perspectives and insights


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