free_82782During the holiday season, family and friends traditionally get together and enjoy the festivities. However, for some, this time of year highlights the personal relationships that have fallen apart for whatever reason.

Read on for some tips on how to reach out to those we have lost but still love.


  • Say YES. Make a positive decision to try and make amends and then take steps towards it. Indecision in itself causes a lot of stress.
  • Remember that you are regaining control when taking the first step. They’ll either join you in your future or they won’t. Either way, you are allowing yourself to leave the past behind.


  • Take responsibility. It’s easy to only see the things done to us and overlook what we have said or done.
  • Don’t ask why. Demanding an explanation can be pointless as they may not know why they behaved in a certain way.


  • Accept the possibility of rejection. This fear can cause paralysis, which in itself is painful.
  • Whatever decision you make, remember that without action nothing happens.


  • What we focus on, we get more of. When rebuilding a relationship, try focusing on what you like about them and what you enjoy together.

I hope you’ll enjoy many good times together with loved ones over the holidays, during 2014 and beyond!

Making Amends This Season of Goodwill

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