I’m starting the month of March enjoying the glow from my amazing week across London last week. Thank you to everyone who was able to join me at one or more of my events. The Monday night book launch at Waterstones Kensington was amazing and the rest of the week’s workshops, talks and one to one coaching so inspiring and rewarding.

Big thank you also for the lovely messages in emails and across social media in connection with all the activities. It means the world to hear what a difference both my book, talks and individual coaching are making.

You’ve probability heard me talk about the benefits of gratitude before, and right now it’s really easy for me to live as I preach! Which is really very enjoyable and the positive effects so quickly materialise themselves.

Because when we feel genuinely grateful for people, events and circumstances around us, we start to feel lucky and fortunate. Not many things beat those feelings as we increasingly notice what’s positive and fortuitous in our lives, rather than focus on what’s unfortunate, unfair or simply annoying which is an easy trap to fall into.

We also spread that positivity around us, and as someone pointed out in one of my talks last week, when we give thanks and compliments, we tend to receive them back in return. Which of course is very enjoyable!

Do note though that the main point of gratitude isn’t to get it back, as this as the sole motivator would render it disingenuous and the benefits would evaporate. However, when we demonstrate genuine gratitude it does tend to kick off a positive, reciprocal cycle which benefits not only ourselves but those around us as well. Scientifically, this is about the fact that arguably the biggest happiness predictor that exists is the quality of our relationships, and when we show our appreciation to others it strengthens our relationships and social connections.

The gratitude boost also compliments my pledge for 2017, which is to spread as much confidence as I possibly can. The release of my book along with all the events last week created the perfect platform for this, and now I can’t wait to continue the momentum many of you who I met last week have already started and many more hopefully will too.

Here’s to the confidence and gratitude for each and ever one of us!

Making March Our Month of Gratitude
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