What would it be like to feel happy and content with yourself and your life? To remove the self doubt and that inner voice telling you you’re not good enough? How about finding your direction and gain the focus to achieve happiness and success – whatever that means to you? Just imagine the liberating sense of ease.


The great news is that we don’t have to be born with confidence, it can be learnt. To find out how be me life coaching has helped hundreds of people already and how we could help you, call 07720 839 773 for a FREE chemistry session.


“Our life coaching sessions will be wih me for the rest of my life to get me out of the odd wobbly moments
I seem to come across every now and again. I don’t know what I would have done without your help this year.

Clare, Teacher


“Thanks to the life coaching, I feel a renewed sense of confidence and self belief and I now know that if I put my mind to something I am more than capable of achieving it.

The sessions have given me a focus I felt I’d lost and I now feel in control and able to handle myself whatever the challenge. I trust myself,

which is a wonderful feeling. Charlotta is fantastic. So bright, a fantastic listener, encouraging, kind, interesting and full of insight.”

Katie, Editor


At different times in our lives most people could benefit from a boost in confidence. This can be in times of uncertainty or change when we do things for the first time or face an ambiguous situation. Examples might be when we leave a relationship, get made redundant or lose someone close.


When we experience set backs in life we can have a tendency to internalise them and take the responsibility for them at an unreasonable, and certainly unhelpful, level. For example I’ve coached people who have been made redundant, who have totally lost their self esteem and self confidence. In some cases it’s almost as if they lost their own identity when losing their job. Similarly, people can feel very lost and uncertain after a separation – after a divorce or break up or after a bereavement of someone significant in their life.


In all these situations, a lack of direction or focus are common factors. For some inidviduals this involves not being happy with status quo but not knowing what to do to improve it or what they’d like instead, and for others they know what they’d like to have or achieve but feel lost as to how to get it. Particularly common today is the need for support and inspiration after a relationship break up or in the search for a different job or career. I’ve worked with a number of individuals who either need to find a new job due to redundancy or who are re-evaluating what they enjoy and need some support along the way.

For some people low self esteem is a constant battle with feelings of self doubt and insecurity on a regular, for some daily, basis. Low self confidence can come from many sources such as childhood experiences, influences from early authority figures, a bad situation that hasn’t been dealt with properly and so on.


In my coaching practice, I’ve coached a lot of individuals who on the outside appear confident, successful and happy. However, on the inside, they’ve been putting themselves down, fraught with anxiety and negative thoughts about themselves.


Whatever the reason for failing self confidence, and however long it’s been with a person, they can absolutely do something about it. That’s at the core of everything be me life coaching is about – we can improve where we are today for a much brighter and happier tomorrow. Whatever that looks, sounds or feels like for you.


There are great benefits that come with building self confidence. Life becomes more enjoyable, fulfilling and positive as you increasingly value and appreciate yourself as well as the people around you. Now that’s a pretty good argument to start building stronger self confidence now, wouldn’t you agree?


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