Woman Sitting in MeditationOver the summer, a reader of OM Magazine got in touch with me after my June article The Time is Now had inspired her.

She sent me a lovely message and we ended up communicating for a little while. Soon I felt equally inspired by her story and was delighted when she agreed to do a guest blog for Be Me Life Coaching. Read on and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her story too!


“Reading an article in OM Yoga magazine about finding the right time for you, it rang so true.

Yoga came to my life 18 years ago but when I moved to the UK I forgot about yoga and I lost myself.

After 2 years of soul searching, thinking about my life and what I really wanted to do – finally I realised: it has to be related to yoga, of course!

After my first reunion with yoga I was dreaming about my own studio!

I started to think how to make my dream come true and qualified as a yoga instructor. Starting out, I taught my friends. Fitness was completely new to them and they loved it so much that I carried on teaching them for years!

Eventually, I found and hired a fitness studio where I broadened my reach as an instructor. These early days, I spent all the money I earned on the studio. It was tough, but I had my end goal in mind and I wouldn’t give up!

After completing a personal trainer course, I found out that I was 3 months pregnant, and after 3 lovely months off with my little boy I returned to my practice.

Only to find out that the cost of running my classes at the studio had changed so much that it wasn’t financially viable for me to return.

So, I had to make the tough decision to finish this first chapter of my yoga journey.

But I wasn’t giving up on my dream.

Soon, thankfully, another opportunity arose and I opened a new class in my area. It was tough building up a group from scratch but I remained patient and confident that numbers would grow. It wasn’t easy, many times nobody showed up.

But I didn’t give up, I knew it – I needed to continue my practise and carry on. Don’t quit. This had been my dream for so many years.

Every session when nobody attended I was practicing myself, drawing pictures of poses, writing notes, which muscles need to be used. I perfected my yoga and my instructor skills.

Someone asked me to open a class for seniors. I thought ‘why not? Let’s give it a try!’

I started Fitness Yoga for Seniors, first as a volunteer. As the numbers grew, I was able to start making a profit. It’s been a steady, growing success story and from spending all that time alone with my mat in an empty room, my class has now grown to the point where I have a waiting list!

Yes, finally I can call myself a Fitness Yoga Instructor with good knowledge and experience!

I’m looking to start my next class soon and at home, my little boy, who’s now 3 years old, is loving yoga. I am so happy to see him trying to copy my poses; we have lots of fun and I know how good it’ll be for him also.

Five years ago I was struggling to start my new journey because I was thinking ‘it’s too late for changes. I am 33 years old and it’s too late for courses.’ Today I am 38 years old and this is the story of my life.

It’s never too late, no matter your age, the place you are in. If you know who you want to be and what you would like to do – just simply follow your dream, live it and enjoy every minute of the journey; no matter how long it’ll take –it’s always shorter than you think. And so worth it!

The barriers along the way were many, and at times it’s been really tough. But I persisted, stayed focused and I waited for the right time for me. Just like the OM Magazine article said.”

Alicia Goryszewski, Professional Yoga Instructor

If you’re in the Birmingham area and would like to get in touch with Alicia, you can visit her website here: www.APG-Fitness.com

Would you like to read the OM Magazine article? Just follow this link.

One Reader’s Inspirational Story
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