Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Research has shown that we talk to ourselves at the rate of 150-300 per minutes. It’s amazing really that we’re not all completely mad! Of course, the majority of our self talk is done subconsciously and much of it is loop thinking – mere repetitions of the same conversations and stories over and over.

The reason our thoughts are so important is because they determine how we view ourselves and our world. Some years back, one of the Olympic Psychologists said that the individuals who reach the Olympics are pretty much equal physically. It’s what goes on in between the ears that make the real difference. If someone talks to themselves with motivation, confidence and self-affirmation, they are much more likely to go out there and win than those who are riddled with self doubt or are questioning their self worth. Of course this is true in any walk of life, it is just so aptly and publicly demonstrated in the sports arena which is hugely competitive and well documented.

Think of the 2012 British Olympics in England. Once the medals started coming in, there was no stopping the British athletes. With a grad total of 65 medals, 29 of them golds, previous records were completely smashed. The positivity and confidence spread like wild fire among British contestants and spectators alike. Everyone started to expect wins. It became a self fulfilling prophecy (watch out for next week’s blog for more on this subject). And it paid off big time!

As with the majority with our behviours, our thoughts are largely determines by auto-pilot, habitual patterns. If you find yourself not feeling great, confident or joyful, it’d be well worth listening in on your own thoughts and deliberately start changing them if what you hear isn’t great. So make sure you find a way to speak winning self talk to ensure greater success and enjoyment in all areas of your life. Want a helping hand to tackle this powerful method of ‘owning your thoughts’ to ensure greater success and happiness? I’d love to hear from you.

OWN your thoughts. They can make or break YOUR success!