246458_10200251869273242_183340744_nBecause I won Life Coach of the Year on Friday evening, and I really couldn’t be more thrilled!

Without the generous help by all who voted for me and spread the word it wouldn’t have been possible. So again, the biggest thank you ever! I’m also so grateful to the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants. What an amazing night you arranged and it means so much that you honour and celebrate all the hard work that is happening within our profession.

Amidst all the happiness and excitement of Friday night I suddenly realised I was starting to do exactly what I help clients NOT to do… I was looking for what I’d done wrong on the night; entering the stage from the wrong way, posing for the camera at the wrong time, saying the wrong thing when receiving the award…. Silly stuff really, but it was knocking my confidence and joy and suddenly I said to myself; “hang on right there, what are you doing?” The bad news was that I was dampening my own enjoyment at this special time. The good news is that once I realised what was happening I was able to correct it. And an added bonus was that, upon reflection I realise that I’d unwittingly developed a great example of self sabotage for my future workshops!

The kind of self sabotage I’m talking about here is the kind that is often activated when we have a positive experience, and especially ones that are emotionally charged as they really matter to us.  In a nutshell, it happens when we have a negative expectation before an event, and then our experience is positive. A conflict is then created within us so subconsciously we create a way to realign the two – in other words, we turn the experience into a negative one in order to fit with the original expectation. In simple terms, this is what I was doing…. I really, really didn’t imagine that I would ever win. I was perfectly content in my acceptance of this fact and simply felt very honoured to be a finalist. So when I did win, I started to reduce my sense of achievement and joy by looking for and focusing on the small negative details. I was realigning my experience to my expectations.

Well, I’m glad I was able to nip this in the bud very quickly and experience the delight of the evening. And hopefully, if you weren’t aware of this kind of self sabotage before reading this, sharing my experience night will allow you to take control if you’re tempted to go down that road yourselves in future.

Last but not least, another HUGE big thank you to everyone who helped get me here!! After a decent amount of champagne to celebrate, I’m now excited to carry on and develop many more success stories! Here’s to a greater peace of mind, happiness andsuccess!

A very happy me after the event!


The biggest warmest heartiest THANK YOU!!
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